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07-06-22: Angela Merkel and her longing for Bhutan.

Angela Merkel in a live conversation with author Alexander Osang on June 7, 2022 in the program "Phoenix vor Ort" of ARD and ZDF.

First major appearance of ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel


Alexander Osang: "Do you have countries you want to go to, dream countries you want to travel to?"

Angela Merkel: " I have seen so many great things. I have so many countries I wanted to and would. At one time I wanted to go to BHUTAN at my official times because they (the residents) there have this Well-Being, this Happiness Index, and then I found out that we don't have diplomatic relations with Bhutan at all. But it wasn't us, it was Bhutan, because they are so small that they don't have the resources to have diplomatic relations with 180 countries in the world. I then rejected it because it would probably have been interpreted as a vacation trip.

But I could imagine many, many things.”